Casual Teams

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Casual teams are a great way to get friends and family involved in Lugton's Round the Bridges. To create a team, simply click the Enter Online button to get started. Once you've completed the Profile section with your personal details and are ready to begin the Entry Details section, simply follow the instructions below:

  • When asked 'Are you part of a team?', select Yes
  • When asked 'Are you creating a team?', select Yes
  • Select Casual as the team type and then select whether you would like your team to be open, protected (password), or invite only. We recommend selecting protected and choosing a password that is memorable to you and your teammates
  • When asked 'Are you participating in the event?', select the appropriate answer (which we hope is yes!) and go on to complete the remaining information required

Once your team is set up, you will be able to access your team's details via the online Members Hub (now closed for 2017). From here, you can invite people to join your team, communicate with current team members and make payments (if applicable).



School participation is a major element of Lugton's Round the Bridges, with over 700 local children choosing to take part each year. In order to help make it as easy as possible for schools to get involved in this year's event, we've put together this comprehensive School Guide which explains everything you need to know, from the online entry process through to setting up a school team.



The Lugton's Round the Bridges Corporate Challenge offers a chance for colleagues and their families to come together by entering a team that represents the workplace. The fastest four team members' finish times will be combined and measured against every other business team. The team with the lowest combined finish time will take home the coveted 12km Corporate Challenge Trophy (as well as the bragging rights of being the swiftest business in Hamilton!).

Entering a corporate team at Lugton's Round the Bridges offers significant exposure for your workplace and is a great way to get out of the office and do something social and active. Download our Corporate Teams Guide which details everything you need to know about entering a corporate team. 


Hosting Sites

A Lugton's Round the Bridges hosting site offers the ideal location for your team to congregate before and after the event. There are two site options available:

  • Premium Site ($850.00 inc. GST) - Includes a 3x6m marquee and 3x6m outdoor area (6x6m total space), 2x 1.2m round trestle tables, 1x 2.4m trestle table and 20x chairs
  • Reserved Site ($150.00 inc. GST) - A reserved 6x6m space for you to provide your own shelter, furniture, etc.

Hosting sites are available for booking for all participants and can be purchased during the online entry process. 
Please contact Rentia at rentia (at) or call 07 856 7215 if you have any questions.

Note: When purchasing a hosting site, please be aware that you and/or your guests will be liable for any damage caused to the site and/or equipment. For further information about your liability, please refer to the Event Terms & Conditions.