Registration Policy

Registration is where you collect your race bib/number and allocated timing chip.  The timing unit is adhered to the back of your race number and must not be tampered with, altered or removed from the race number. 

The race number you receive at registration should match the number and distance shown on your E-Ticket. It is very important that you bring your most up-to-date E-Ticket with you to registration.  Your E-Ticket provides proof that you are able to collect that particular race number.  You may collect other race numbers as long as you are able to show the relevant E-Tickets.

Registration hours will be published on the Round the Bridges website, official Facebook Page and in e-newsletters closer to the time.  Registration will not be available outside of scheduled times or if a completed electronic (online) or manual signed Waiver has not been completed by the Participant registered on the race bib.